photo by Chris Trevas


Welcome to my website!

I've been creating art professionally for over ten years. I chose this profession because I love telling stories and creating characters. I love creating the worlds these characters live in and I find it very fulfilling that others also enjoy the things I create. Ultimately, I want to tell meaningful stories that make a difference and influence people's lives. . . but for now I don't mind drawing aliens, monsters, and guys with cool looking swords!

I work as a concept artist and illustrator. I grew up on the mean (not really) streets of Canton, Michigan. After graduating from the College of Creative Studies in Detroit, I took a job as a product designer at the Franklin Mint in Pennsylvania. Then I worked as a freelance illustrator for several years before trying my hand at concept art for Raven Software in Wisconsin. Currently I reside in the Seattle, WA area where I work as a senior concept artist for Motiga

I share my life with my lovely and talented wife Emily, also an illustrator (, our two crazy rabbits, and a bunch of silly little guinea pigs.

Enjoy the site!



  • Wizards of the Coast
  • Paizo Publishing   
  • Inhabit Media
  • Blizzard Entertainment
  • Future Publishing: Imagine FX Magazine
  • Hasbro
  • The Franklin Mint
  • The Noble Collection

You can find my work in these books:

  • Book of Vile Darkness (3rd Edition D&D)
  • Draconomicon (3rd Edition D&D)
  • Draconomicon: Chromatic Dragons (3rd Edition D&D)
  • Dragonlance the New Adventures (cover and interior art for the entire 23 book series)
  • Dragonlance Campaign setting (3rd Edition D&D)
  • The Dragon Codex Young Adult Series (cover art for the entire 7 book series)
  • Dungeon Masters Guide 2 (3rd Edition D&D)
  • Epic Level Handbook (3rd Edition D&D)
  • Ghostwalk (3rd Edition D&D)
  • Monster Manual 2 (3rd Edition D&D)
  • Monster Manual 3 (3rd Edition D&D)
  • Planar Handbook (3rd Edition D&D)
  • Players Handbook 2 (3rd Edition D&D)
  • Players Handbook v.3.5 (3rd Edition D&D)
  • Races of the Wild (3rd Edition D&D)
  • Races of Faerun (3rd Edition D&D)
  • Savage Species (3rd Edition D&D)
  • Underdark (3rd Edition D&D)
  • Waterdeep (3rd Edition D&D)
  • Wheel of Time RPG (3rd Edition D&D)
  • Star Wars RPG - Coruscant and the Core Worlds
  • Star Wars RPG - Galactic Campaign Guide
  • Star Wars RPG - Geonosis and the Outer Rim Worlds
  • Star Wars RPG - Ultimate Alien Anthology
  • Star Wars RPG - Ultimate Adversaries
  • Star Wars RPG - Jedi Academy Training Manual
  • Star Wars Gamer Magazine
  • Imagine FX Tutorial (issue #53)
  • Mwangi Expanse (Paizo Publishing}
  • Misfits Monsters Redeemed (Paizo Publishing)
  • World of Warcraft TCG

Games I've contributed to:

  • Wolfenstein (Raven Software/Activision)
  • Singularity (Raven Software/Activision)
  • War in the North (Snowblind/WB Games)
  • Guardians of Middle Earth (Monolith/WB Games)