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I worked on Raven's first original IP, "Singularity," from 2006- 2009. I was fortunate to be one of the main concept artists on the project and was able to work on some of the key characters, creatures, weapons and motifs in the game. I've also included some of the high poly models done by the talented modelers I worked alongside at Raven.

I consider my work on Singularity a milestone in my artistic career.


Singularity Concepts: FEEDER BOSS

A giant boss monster with crazy extend-o-claws! This creature was difficult to develop due to the game play requirement of his extra arms. Despite that challenge, I liked how it all turned out in the end. Sean Binder's 3d model of the creature was among the best created for the game.

Again, he unfortunately didn't make the cut. I hope that he's out there somewhere, destroying a city, or perhaps raising a family.