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I worked on Raven's first original IP, "Singularity," from 2006- 2009. I was fortunate to be one of the main concept artists on the project and was able to work on some of the key characters, creatures, weapons and motifs in the game. I've also included some of the high poly models done by the talented modelers I worked alongside at Raven.

I consider my work on Singularity a milestone in my artistic career.


Singularity Concepts: TMD (Time Manipulation Device)


The TMD was by far the most difficult design to lock down. At some point every concept artist took a stab at it. I tried a few times when we were doing a third-person game, but when the decision was made to make an FPS I was given the opportunity to try again.

The final "time glove" TMD had to look like it was made by Barisov, but we also had to visually communicate all the time bending functions to the player. The final model was by Max Arisov, and the animation, effects, and sound design really brought this very odd device to life! I'm really happy with how it turned out. We even created a full size prop to display at Raven.

Now scroll like you've never scrolled before.


When the Singularity was a third-person "behind the back" game we experimented with the TMD being a large backpack that had some sort of arm or wrist attachment.

When the game concept switched back to being a shooter, we tried making an iconic, handheld device. I tried some designs that made it look like a big tuning fork or some type of rod that could harness the e99 energy.


This blueprint art was drawn by me but the graphic elements were done by Dave Curd.


Here's the TMD in action: