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I'm extremely pleased to show off the game I've been working on for the past two years at Motiga.

Here's the amazing announce trailer our team put together:

 Check it out and sign up for that Alpha!

Expect lots of cool concepts for this game to be posted here and on my blog.


The Green Man

This was my piece for the Lands and Legends book by Micheal Publishing. I'll be posting some work in progress images on my blog for some insight on how I created it!


Blog Post on

Hop on over to to read my first blog entry. Motiga's the amazing company where I work, be sure to stay tuned to see what we have coming out in the next year!


Stone Giant roughs tutorial video

Here is my first foray into making a tutorial video. It's not that in-depth, but it allowed me to try a few things with iMovie. I'm planning on making another one for the final stone giant concept so stay tuned to my blog for that!


Anomaly 2012


I will be doing a demo at the Anomaly workshop in Vancouver, British Columbia on April 28th.

I've never done a live demo like this before, so if you're planning on attending please try and keep the heckling to a minimum. I'm going to be figuring out what I want to tackle during the 5 hours (yes 5 hours) that I'm scheduled for over the next month. If you are planning on attending and want to request something for me to cover feel free to leave me a comment with some ideas.

A big thanks to Tom Scholes for recommending me to the organizers, hopefully I don't make a fool of myself so you don't regret your generous endorsement!

I'll be posting more about this later, stay tuned.